The Professional Towing Association of Nebraska (PTAN) was founded in January 1, 1975, as a 501 C (6)trade association representing its members before the Nebraska State Legislature and it’s regulatory agencies, as well as in conjunction with National Towing Association in Washington, D.C..

PTAN is composed of towing and recovery company’s around the state, and is governed by an elected board of directors. Associate members, representing suppliers to the towing and recovery industries, also have representation within the organization.

Through Essentiality, Safety and Awareness and Advocacy, PTAN can be the voice for towers in Nebraska.


  • PTAN advocates the essentiality of the towing industry in the state of Nebraska. With Incident management and quick clearance at the top of the priority list for the Federal & State Governments and local regulatory agencies, PTAN has a place at the table in the Safety Management Council with other stakeholders from around the state.

Safety and Awareness

  • PTAN holds hands on demonstrations to ensure members are abreast of the latest techniques in towing and recovery safety.


  • PTAN advocates for assuring that the towing industry’s perspective is incorporated into pending legislation, as well as rules and regulations in the State of Nebraska.

Strategic Plan:

PTAN has an instituted a four- step plan to meet its goals above.

  • Encourage the towing industry to prioritize safety
  • Branding PTAN as the authoritative voice for the Nebraska industry
  • Providing solid leadership in the industry
  • Maximizing human and financial resources to achieve our purpose

PTAN has worked very hard over the years in many areas, here is a list of just a few:

  • Passing LB353 (passed in LB35) in 2011 that created new guidelines for moving a disabled over dimensional vehicle from the highway. Basically, this bill allowed the towing of such vehicles to their place of repair, as opposed to a place of safe keeping under prior statute.
  • Having a seat at the Nebraska Safety Council  
  • Taking an active role in the Nebraska State Patrol’s efforts beta test with AutoReturn, a technology company that helps manage law enforcement-initiated tows.
  • Working with the Nebraska State Patrol to help expedite abandoned vehicle processing.

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